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BEEF BOURGUIGNON:Photo 02-06-2015 21 09 03

Beef Bourguignon, as you can guess, comes from Burgundy. It is one of the best dishes for winter and since my childhood (I am from Burgundy myself) my family’s favorite.

Traditional beef Bourguignon is a rich stew prepared with the best parts of the beef, braised in full-bodied Burgundy red wine, then stewed with vegetables and bouquet garni.

I begin cooking beef Bourguignon at least one day before serving, in order to give the dish rich flavour and tenderness. It is an ideal dish for winter and bringing all family together! Bon appetit!


Photo 02-06-2015 21 10 57“Confit” means “to preserve”. In this method, meats are salted and spiced, left for 10-12 hours, then cooked in a fat for another few hours.

Confit duck originated in Gascony and is one of the best known and probably oldest French classics.

peachI pick the duck legs from the farmers very carefully, preferring Barbary duck bred in France. Cooking confit duck usually takes me a couple of days as it requires slowly braising it in duck fat which I order from France. I then use it in classic cassoulet or to make crispy outside and tender inside confit duck usually served with Sarlat potatoes sauteed in a duck fat with garlic and parsley. Bon Appetit!



Photo 02-06-2015 21 12 12Reblochon cheese originated at the heart of the massif de Aravis, in the Thones region of Haute-Savoie, France. Semi-soft, smooth, with a mild fruity taste and intense nutty aftertaste Reblochon is a center piece of one of French Alps best loved dishes, the TARTIFLETTE.

I would like to introduce you this very well known rustic French dish which I cook in a traditional way with potatoes, onions, bacon and white wine with Reblochon melted on the top. Served with a green salad. Bon apetit!


Alsace is a small region of France close to Germany. The blend of these two cultures comes together there to create many of traditional dishes. One of them is Alsatian Sauerkraut.

Alsatian Sauerkraut is a great for cold weather. Combination of smoked pork (I use pork cheeks, two types of sausages and smoked pork belly) and home-made sauerkraut/choucroute which is a cabbage marinated for week in sugar, beer and white wine makes it a perfect dish for a family dinner – rustic, warm, gamey.
leafTraditionally served with boiled potatoes and bread.

Bon appetit!


Photo 02-06-2015 21 14 14The long history of frangipane goes as far as 11th century and coming from Romebut it was Catherine de Medicis who brought it to France in 1580 and now Frangipane tart in one of the most famous and most popular Christmas dessert in France.

Frangipane itself is a filling made of almonds and cream mausseline (the best of the best of cream patissieres) and it can be used in a variety of assorted pastries.

In my manu you can find frangipane tarts with poached pears, pineapples, apples, etc. Freshly made and served it is undoubtedly one of the most favorite desserts of many.

Bon appetit!