About us

Photo-30-05-2015-21-17-50-300x277Born in Burgundy, France, I grew up cooking with my mum, dad, and my grandparents. Its from them I learnt all about traditional French food and they inspire me every day to cook delicious meals for my family and friends.

My young attained passion for food led me to study in Lyon, capital of French cuisine and later become a professional chef. I’ve travelled through different areas of France such as Bretagne, Alsace-Lorraine, Rhône-Alps, as well as Dublin and now London and worked with many chefs such as Pierre Orsy, Patrick Guilbaud, Pascal Aussignac and Pierre Koffmann. Working as a head chef in the kitchens of fine dining restaurants and gastro pubs of London I strived to perfect my technique and knowledge of French cuisine.

Now a family man, always cooking for my wife and daughters, I realised that often people cannot enjoy well made French cuisine without going to a restaurant. I’d like to change that and introduce you to simpler, less known yet more family friendly dining – traditional home made rustic French food, delivered right to your door.

Benjamin Domagala